For calm, composure and concentration
  • for balanced & accurate performance
  • calms & boosts concentration
  • non-sedative
  • scientifically verified
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With four innovative, easily digestible ingredients, marstall EasyGoing helps to reduce nervousness and overreactions in horses. Studies prove its calming, concentration-enhancing effect.

Highly-strung nerves often impede the learning achievements, training or handling of a horse. EasyGoing helps horses to unwind and concentrate on a task, enabling them to develop their full potential and ability to perform. marstall EasyGoing does not have a sedative effect and is free of tryptophan, magnesium and valerian.

marstall EasyGoing starts to take effect after around 30 minutes and can last for up to 4 hours. Its intensity varies depending on the horse’s general state of nerves.

Depending on the use and dosage, marstall EasyGoing improves balance and accurate performance. It calms and improves concentration too. In stressful situations such as transport, clipping or visits from the farrier, it gets to the heart of the problem.

Science says so

EasyGoing (Helme & Dumbell, 2009)
Study: Double-blind placebo, i.e. neither the carer nor the trainer knew which horse received the placebo and which received marstall EasyGoing. The type and severity of the reaction to an “unknown object” were investigated, before and after feeding for 7 days.

Results: After having been fed with marstall EasyGoing for 7 days, the horses got used to the „unknown object“ significantly faster than 1. before the test feeding and 2. compared to the placebo horses. 7-day feeding of marstall EasyGoing has a calming and concentrationenhancing effect, as the behaviour of the horses improved objectively as well as subjectively.

EasyGoing (Lawson, Edwards, Marlin, 2012)
Study: 3 groups (no treatment, placebo, marstall EasyGoing). Each horse belongs once to each group, with long enough waiting time or „wash-out-periods“ in between. 21 dressage horses were ridden in all gaits by their usual riders. Their movements were filmed and shown crossover and repeatedly to dressage judges for evaluation.

Results: With marstall EasyGoing, the movements are more committed and

Composition of marstall EasyGoing

Powder: Rice flour, dried grass meal #
Paste: Glycerine, sorbitol, glucose syrup, trisodium citrate #

# herbs and VM amino acids.

EADCM conform acc. FEI

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg



Crude protein

7,00 %

Crude fat

10,00 %

Crude ash

12,00 %

Crude fibre

0,10 %


0,00 %


0,00 %


21,00 %

Feeding advice for marstall EasyGoing


250 kg BW

½ injector

500 kg BW

½ to 1 injector

>750 kg BW

1 injector

EasyGoing starts to take effect after around 30 minutes and can last for up to 4 hours.

We recommend that the individual dosage be determined by prudently increasing the administration. Please do not feed more than the recommended daily dose within 5 hours.

1 scoop (25 ml) = 16 grams
1 pack = 12 scoop partial portions

Feeding advice

EasyGoing should always be given before the anticipated stress reaction. Nervous horses can often have a sensitive reaction to new ingredients in their feed. For this reason, the amount of this supplement should be increased gradually to accustom the horse to it.

We generally recommend seeking specialist advice before feeding a diet feed supplement.

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