Apple pomace

Apple pomace is a raw fibre-rich, low-protein, tasty and sugar-reduced ingredient that is used both in pellets and loose in muesli for horses. Apple pomace is the term used to describe the solid components of apples that remain after apple juice production. An apple consists of approximately 85% water. When the sweet apple juice has been squeezed out, the healthy peel parts, the pectin-containing cells of the fruit flesh, the digestive core etc. remain. The high pectin content supplies the intestinal wall with energy and binds excess water. A healthy intestinal wall in turn protects the body from pathogens or toxins. The breakdown of pectins in the large intestine promotes a good intestinal environment and microflora.

Dr. Annette Zeyner, Professor of Animal Nutrition at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, writes about the myth that apple pomace can be metabolised in caffeine:
"Apple pomace, in a product purity to be expected and required for a feed, contains with a probability approaching the limit of certainty that it contains neither caffeine, nor can the components of the apple pomace be converted to caffeine in the gastrointestinal tract or in the intermediate metabolism of horses in an amount relevant to doping.

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