The cereal-free mineral feed
  • cereal-free & molasses-free
  • minerals, trace elements, vitamins
  • for all horses
  • broad Ca:P ratio
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marstall Force is a premium mineral feed with concentrated levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The extra-small pellets taste great and contain valuable brewer‘s yeast but no cereals.

marstall Force provides leisure and sports horses with key minerals that are often lacking from ordinary hay and cereal feeds.

Each horse’s energy and protein needs vary considerably and always depend on the work done and the physical makeup of the horse. Mineral, trace element and vitamin requirements also differ. Because most pastures and hay meadows in Germany are poor in species diversity, almost all horses should receive a mineral feed or mineralised supplement to make up for the nutrients missing in their forage.

marstall Force is an especially high quality mineral feed for all horses of any age and breed and regardless of their performance or field of work. Our marstall Force has a broad Ca:P ratio, making it ideal for balancing pure hay and cereal diets, although it can also be combined with other marstall feeds. This is especially recommended if the horse receives smaller feeds than the recommended quantities.

Research has shown that almost half the horses in Germany are lacking in selenium (Müller et al., 2012). marstall Force contains all the key minerals, vitamins and trace elements such as selenium, copper and zinc. This supplements and balances the hay and cereal feed completely. Our marstall Force is highly palatable which makes it readily accepted by horses. The extra small pellets can be individually rationed for each horse and each performance situation and thus help to cover requirements precisely. marstall Force is cereal free and therefore suitable for all horses which are intolerant to cereals or which have metabolic problems such as EMS or Cushing’s disease.


Mineral feed for horses

Composition of marstall Force

Grass, dried at a high temperature (26.00 %), dry grape pomace (20.00 %), sodium chloride (15.00 %), calcium carbonate (12.00 %), monocalcium phosphate (8.00 %), magnesium oxide (6.00 %), brewer's yeast (4.00 %), rapeseed oil, refined (2.00 %)

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg 

Crude protein

5.90 %

pcd* crude protein

35.00 g

Crude fat

2,80 %

Crude fibre

9.00 %

Crude ash

49.50 %

Energy (DE)**

4.50 MJ

Energy (ME)**

3.80 MJ


6.00 %


2.00 %


5.80 %


3,50 %


4,20 %


4.50 %

*precaecal digestibility = can be digested in the small intestine = available
**acc. to GfE 2014 (Society for Energy Efficiency)

Nutritional additives per kg 

Fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin A

200,000.00 I.E.

Vitamin D3

20,000.00 I.E.

Vitamin E

8,000.00 mg

Vitamin K3

80.00 mg

Water-soluble vitamins

Vitamin C

1,500.00 mg

Vitamin B1

500.00 mg

Vitamin B2

200.00 mg

Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

500.00 mg

Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin

2,000.00 mcg


20,000.00 mcg

Folic acid

200.00 mg

Choline chloride

5,100.00 mg

Calcium D-pantothenate

600.00 mg


440.00 mg

Trace elements

Iron as monohydrate iron (II) sulphate

2,800.00 mg

Copper as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate

760.00 mg

Zinc as zinc oxide

5,000.00 mg

Manganese as manganese (II) oxide

2,000.00 mg

Iodine as anhydrous calcium iodate

17.00 mg

Selenium as sodium selenite

16.10 mg


Feeding recommendations

... as a single concentrated feed …

… for leisure horses


approx. 20 to 50 g

Icelandic/Small horse

approx. 40 g

Thoroughbred/Warmblood/Light Coldblood

approx. 70 to 80 g

Western breeds

approx. 80 g

Heavy Coldblood

approx. 100 to 120 g

… for sports horses

Thoroughbred/Warmblood/Light Coldblood

approx. 90 to 120 g

Icelandic/Small horse

approx. 60 g

Western breeds

 approx. 100 g

… for older horses

Thoroughbred/Warmblood/Light Coldblood

 approx. 100 g

… for breeding horses

Foals aged 7 to 12 months

approx. 20 to 50 g

Youngstock aged 13 to 36 months

approx. 60 to 80 g

Stallions/Brood mares

 approx. 90 to 130 g

1 measuring scoop of marstall Force = approx. 100 grams

Feeding advice

Our recommendations assume a roughage intake (hay) of 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

Please adjust the recommended feed quantities if a vitamin and mineral fortified concentrate is also being fed.

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