The source of unsaturated fatty acids
  • 100 % natural – organic
  • rich in gamma-linolenic acids
  • for healthy heart, skin & coat
  • anti-microbial
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marstall Hanf-Öl is made from 100 % organic European hemp, gently coldpressed and bottled in Germany‘s Allgäu region. It is known for its beneficial
effects on the cardiovascular system and skin, and is anti-microbial

Hemp oil is the vegetable oil with the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids. Its importance for the cardiovascular system not only in horses is widely known. Furthermore, the gamma-linolenic acid (triple unsaturated fatty acid) contained in hemp oil can inhibit inflammatory processes in the body.

Thanks to other main ingredients such as α-pinene, myrcene and trans-β-ocimen, α-terpinolen, trans-caryophyllene, α-humulen, hemp oil can slow down microbial growth and thus supports an intact skin.

By the way, marstall Hanf-Öl is not only very valuable for the cardiovascular system as well as skin and coat. Especially horses that have to be fed cereal-free, it provides with energy without stress.

Single feed for horses

Composition of marstall Hanf-Öl

European hemp, cold-pressed (100,00 %)

Analytical components and contents of marstall Hanf-Öl

Crude protein

0,00 %

Crude fat

100,00 %

Crude fibre

0,00 %

Crude ash

0,00 %

Energy (ME)

38,40 MJ

Feeding requirment for marstall Hanf-Öl in combination with other concentrated feeds

Small horse/pony

approx. 10 ml to 20 ml/day

Warm blooded horse

approx. 20 ml to 30 ml/day

The quantity can be doubled for increased requirements.

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