Beneficial energy
  • cold pressed
  • with omega-3 fatty acids
  • for energy, glossy coat, digestion and
    weight gain
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marstall Lein-Distel-Öl provides sports horses, poor doers and veterans with concentrated, rapid energy. The high quality blend of cold pressed oils is easily digestible and contains natural vitamin E as well as polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

marstall Lein-Distel-Öl supports the function of the cell membranes, the immune system and fat metabolism as well as the gastrointestinal tract and also provides a glossy sheen to the coat!

The high quality food grade linseed and milk thistle oils contain high levels of essential omega fatty acids. These help to build healthy cells and ensure an optimum cell metabolism. They are also important for the blood vessels, circulation and healthy foetal development. While linseed oil contains lots of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, milk thistle oil is a natural source of vitamin E. The vegetable compound silymarin comes from milk thistle and is also known for its positive effect on liver metabolism.

Feed supplement for horses

Composition of marstall Lein-Distel-Öl

Cold pressed linseed oil (95.00 %), cold pressed milk thistle oil (5.00 %)

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg of marstall Lein-Distel-Öl

Crude protein

0.30 %

Crude fat

98.50 %

Crude fibre

0.00 %

Crude ash

0.02 %

Energy (ME)

38.40 MJ

Omega-3 fatty acids

> 56.00 %

Feeding recommendations for marstall Lein-Distel-Öl …

… to add energy to a feed for a horse weighing 550 kg

Normal requirement

approx. 20 to 50 ml/day

Competition season

approx. 50 to 200 ml/day

last feed before peak performance

approx. 200 to 300 ml/day

1 dessert spoon = approx. 10 ml

Feeding advice

Please note: add to feed slowly over 5 to 7 days! Divide large doses between 3 meals over the course of the day!

Our recommendations assume a roughage intake (hay) of 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

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