The marstall Family

Who we are

  • Traditional and value-focused: It all started from a little company with a lot of passion. Mutual respect, a great love of detail and a close relationship with our customers led us to create the first muesli for horses - our marstall muesli. Over the generations, we have grown into a medium-sized company. We are honest, reliable and personal - to each other and our customers. If we think we can improve on something, we’ll do it!
  • Innovative and down-to-earth: Today, marstall consists of three family businesses with one passion and shared values. Our head office in the Allgäu (south of Germany) develops innovative ideas and adapts our premium feeds to take new scientific findings into account. In addition to Oberstaufen (bavarian alps), production also takes place in Osnabrück and Limburg in the Netherlands. There’s just one thing left to say: only easily digestible ingredients that are suitable for horses make it into our feed bags!
  • Passionate horse lovers: We rely unconditionally on healthy feed for all horses. Many of us have one of our own, which is why it’s something that is simply close to our hearts. We care about you and a long and healthy life for your horses, without compromise. That all goes without saying for us!
marstall Getreide Hand

What we stand for

  • A one-stop supplier – We specialise exclusively in horses! Only carefully selected crude ingredients find their way to us. We use those to make everything, from flakes to pellets, ourselves - and that’s something we can be proud of. The “hydrothermal maceration” process that we use provides ease of digestion combined with a tasty “bite”. We make our muesli from the best that nature can offer. There’s something to suit every horse, fresh in the feeding trough!
  • Practical expertise –We love all horses, not just our own. We hold targeted and face to face discussions with our customers. Some are looking for the perfect feed for their horses and, depending on their skills and personality, they may even become part of the marstall family. That doesn’t happen by chance because both they and we take our passion to work as well as to the stables on a day to day basis. There can be no better requirement for premium feed!
  • Knowledge and experience – supporting equine health with the best possible feed is what drives us. We work closely with the scientific community during our feed trials, right from the very start. We are aided by years of experience and our healthy thirst for knowledge on farming, agricultural technology and the horse’s complex digestive system. Horse owners benefit from the experience we have amassed and our expert eye on current research. 
Weissachmühle, marstall Europe Head Office

Weissachmühle, marstall Zentrale

  • Healthy comprehensive range – Leisure, sport or breeding? Youngstock or veteran? We are proud to develop “simple, healthy horse feed” for all. As a generalist, we can offer you everything from muesli to special minerals. We are only able to produce feeds of this premium quality because we specialise 100 % in
    horses and scrutinise our work every day.
  • Attention to detail – To put it more precisely, our day to day work concerns just about every aspect, from the field to the feed bag. Choosing, manufacturing, optimising - we are constantly checking and exchanging ideas. This love of detail is what marks us out; our products for every horse and every need speak for themselves.
Weissachmühle, marstall Zentrale aktuell
Weissachmühle, marstall Zentrale
  • Openness and transparency – Transparency has always been key here, going far beyond the minimum required and covering our advice service too. Ask us your questions! We are happy to share our knowledge with you. We tell you honestly what‘s inside so that you know exactly what you’re feeding. Only by working with you can we ensure that absolutely all horses can benefit from the best horse feed!
  • Safety and quality – Premium quality doesn’t always have to be expensive, but it doesn’t happen overnight. As one of the first manufacturers to introduce a quality management system, we know that from our own experience. We will continue to have our products regularly tested and successfully certified in the future. These certifications guarantee you the highest levels of quality and safety.
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Manufacturer Kreiling, marstall North

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For us …

  • a horse is a partner, friend and companion for life.
  • qualityis an absolute must and forms the essential basis for equine nutrition. Premium feed contains only the best, natural ingredients!
  • individual advice for every customer and their horse partner is important, whether they‘re a leisure rider, breeder or competitor!
  • a good diet, tailored to the horse’s needs forms the foundation for a happy and healthy horse. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • the team is our most important asset in our day to day work. Horse and rider, or us and our customers; it is only with
    mutual respect that we can reap the best results.
  • our customers are face to face partners. We can learn from you and share our knowledge with you too!
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