The muesli concentrate with herbs
  • a little is enough
  • with herbs to support liver function
  • with organic trace elements
  • with alfalfa
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marstall Optimal is a muesli concentrate that is rich in the vital ingredients that are only required in small quantities to meet the horse’s needs. As a single feed or balancing muesli, it provides good doers in particular with organically-bound trace elements and minerals.

Natural herbs with excellent biological availability support the liver, kidneys and the heart and circulatory system.

The low starch levels in marstall Optimal reduce the strain on sensitive horses’ bodies, because just a small amount covers daily
requirements and its nutrients are easily digestible. The highly concentrated blend of natural herbs contained in marstall Optimal,
including milk thistle, dandelion root, nettle and hawthorn is beneficial for the liver, urinary tract and the heart and circulatory system. Highly available natural ingredients, especially brewer‘s yeast, diatomaceous earth, linseed, garlic and seaweed meal, support the gut flora, connective tissues and immune system, strengthen the skin and hair and improve wellbeing. Trace elements such as manganese, zinc and copper are added to marstall Optimal in organic form to give high biological availability.

Diet feed supplement for horses

Composition of marstall Optimal

Barley flakes (25.00 %), maize flakes (20.00 %), semolina bran (7.00 %), apple pulp, dried (6.00 %), alfalfa, dried at high temperatures (4.00 %), molassed sugar beet pulp, dried (4.00 %), beet molasses (3.50 %), wheat middlings (3.50 %), linseed (3.00 %), brewer‘s yeast (2.50 %), seaweed meal (2.50 %), milk thistle seeds (2.00 %), grass, dried at high temperature, (2.00 %), extracted linseed shred (2.00 %), nettle (chopped) (1.50 %), sodium chloride (1.50 %), calcium carbonate (1.50 %), brewer‘s yeast (1.20 %), dandelion root
(chopped) (1.00 %), monocalcium phosphate (1.00 %), hawthorn leaves and flowers (0.70 %), magnesium oxide (0.50 %), dried garlic
(granules) (0.20 %)

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg of marstall Optimal

Crude protein

10.50 %

pcd* crude protein

61.00 g

Crude fat

4.00 %

Crude fibre

7.00 %

Crude ash

12.60 %

Energy (DE)

10.70 MJ

Energy (ME)

9.80 MJ


27.00 %


1.80 %


0.50 %


0.60 %


0.70 %

*pcd = precaecal digestibility = can be digested in the small intestine = available to the horse

Nutritional additives per kg of marstall Optimal

Fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin A

30,500.00 I.E.

Vitamin D3

2,000.00 I.E.

Vitamin E

900.00 mg

Vitamin K3

10.50 mg

Water-soluble vitamins

Vitamin C

140.00 mg

Vitamin B1

55.00 mg

Vitamin B2

20.00 mg

Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

50.00 mg

Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin

180.00 mcg


1,800.00 mcg

Folic acid

20.00 mg

Choline chloride

640.00 mg

Calcium D-pantothenate

60.00 mg


60.00 mg

Trace elements

Iron as monohydrate iron (II) sulphate

300.00 mg

Copper as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate

90.00 mg

Copper (II) chelate of glycine hydrate

2.00 mg

Zinc as zinc oxide

576.00 mg

Zinc as zinc chelate of glycine hydrate

14.00 mg

Manganese as manganese (II) oxide

265.00 mg

Manganese as manganese chelate of glycine hydrate

15.00 mg

Iodine as anhydrous calcium iodate

2.60 mg

Selenium as sodium selenite

2.00 mg

Technical additives per kg of marstall Optimal

Diatomaceous earth

10,000.00 g

Feeding recommendations for marstall Optimal …

Horses of all breeds

approx. 75 to 100 g per 100 kg body weight/day

… to support liver functions

Horses of all breeds

  approx. 150 g per 100 kg body weight/day

The recommended feeding period is initially up to 6 months or even longer if advised by a veterinarian.

Example ration per day for a horse of 550 kg body weight in addition to oats and hay pellets

Light work approx. 0.5 kg marstall Optimal + 1 kg oats + 1 kg pellets

1 litre of marstall Optimal = approx. 450 grams

Feeding advice

All specified feed quantities are to be given throughout the day in several small feeds.

Our recommendations assume a roughage intake (hay) of 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

We generally recommend seeking specialist advice before feeding a diet feed supplement.

marstall Optimal  is a diet feed supplement for horses to support liver function in chronic liver dysfunction.

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