A protective shield for the respiratory tract
  • supports the respiratory tract if inflamed
  • with MSM & a variety of antioxidants
  • scientifically verified
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marstall ProAir helps support the natural function of the respiratory tract. The unique formula contains antioxidants, especially vitamin C, that act as a protective shield. Together with the organic sulphur compound MSM, they can reduce the inflammatory processes associated with the clinical symptoms of respiratory problems.

Good to know - marstall ProAir makes a daily contribution to supporting healthy airways.

Respiratory problems count among the most common diseases in horses. Causes include high dust exposure, extreme weather conditions and roughage or bedding contaminated with fungi and bacteria. If the first symptoms occur, it is important to act quickly, before lung function is impaired, leading to loss of performance, and the disease becomes chronic.

marstall ProAir makes a daily contribution to supporting healthy airways. Please also ensure that your horse is kept in a good environment and is provided with excellent hay and straw.

Science says so

marstall ProAir
Study: 42 horses were fed with marstall ProAir for 10 days to find out whether coughing, nasal discharge, increased breathing rate and breathing effort would change. According to their owners, prior to the study the horses showed low (with clear/thin nasal discharge) to high values of breathing rate and effort.

Results: According to 37 evaluable statements, all horses consumed the full marstall ProAir ration every day. All the owners reported that an orally administered antioxidant and important trace elements with MSM significantly reduced the symptoms of respiratory problems, if ProAir was fed twice per day over a period of 10 days.

Feed supplement for horses

Composition of marstall ProAir

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane), rice flour

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg of marstall ProAir

Crude protein

4.20 %

Crude fat

22.50 %

Crude ash

43.40 %

Nutritional additives per kg of marstall ProAir

Vitamin C as L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphatet

115,000.00 mg

Vitamin E

47,000.00 mg

Copper (II) chelate of amino acid hydrate

1,180.00 mg

Manganese as manganese chelate of amino acid hydrat

4,710.00 mg

Chelate of amino acid hydrate

4,710.00 mg

Selenium from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
CNCM I-3060 inactivated selenium-enriched yeast

12.00 mg

Feeding advice for marstall ProAir ...

... intensive supplement (approx. 10 days)

Body weight

Intensive supplement

250 kg

3.0 scoops/day

500 kg

4.0 scoops/day

750 kg

5.0 scoops/day

... subsequently (To maintain healthy respiratory function)

(Erhaltung einer gesunden Atemwegsfunktion
(Erhaltung einer gesunden Atemwegsfunktion

Body weight


250 kg

1.5 scoops/day

500 kg

2.0 scoops/day

750 kg

2.5 scoops/day

1 scoop (25 ml) = 22 grams

Bucket contains enough to last 20 to 40 days (warmblood)

Feeding advice

Introduce the powder slowly, mixing it with a little concentrated feed (e.g. marstall Sinfonie or marstall Mash). May be spread across several feeds during the day. Due to its higher levels of vitamins and trace elements than those found in single feeds, this feed supplement for horses should only be fed according to the recommendations given here. Our recommendations assume a roughage intake (hay) of 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

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