Easily digestible forage
  • macerated straw fibres
  • low in sugar & starch
  • dust-free
  • easy to chew. even for veterans
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marstall ProCaval-Struktur is a macerated and highly digestible source of crude fibre produced using extruder technology. It is especially suitable for sensitive or older horses.

One or two handfuls of marstall ProCaval-Struktur added to concentrated feed will increase chewing activity, make the feed last longer and increase the feeling of fullness.

marstall ProCaval-Struktur consists largely of straw from which the protective waxy coating and solid fibre compounds of the straw stems has been removed using warmth, moisture and pressure. This enables the horse to better utilise the cell contents, which are surrounded by crude fibre. The macerated straw fibres are pressed into fibre chips which can be briefly soaked and then mixed with concentrated feeds or given as a forage supplement.

marstall ProCaval-Struktur is low in protein and starch, highly palatable and easy to chew. This makes these fibre chips an ideal choice for veteran horses and hurried or fussy eaters. For horses with sensitive stomachs or problems with watery droppings, marstall ProCaval-Struktur can help to stabilise the gut environment.

Feed supplement for horses

Composition of marstall ProCaval-Struktur

Cereal straw (wheat) (60.00 %), beet molasses (16.00 %), wheat bran (7.50 %), alfalfa meal (4.50 %), wheat bran middlings (4.50 %), spelt husks (3.80 %), oat husks (3.70 %)

EADCM conform acc. FEI.


Nutritional analysis and energy per kg

Crude protein

5.00 %

pcd* crude protein

21.00 g

Crude fat

1.50 %

Crude fibre

27.00 %

Crude ash

6.70 %

Energy (DE)

7.70 MJ

Energy (ME)

6.30 MJ


0.15 %


0.15 %


0.10 %


0.50 %


3.10 %


9.00 %

*pcd = precaecal digestibility = can be digested in the small intestine = available to the horse

Feeding recommendations

… as a complete hay substitute for maintenance/low work*.

Small horse/pony

approx. 4.5 to 5.5 kg


approx. 5.5 to 6.5 kg


approx. 6.5 to 7.5 kg

*Please spread the daily recommended amount between several feeds throughout the day. If grazing is also available, reduce quantities accordingly.

1 litre of marstall ProCaval-Struktur = approx. 230 grams

Feeding advice

marstall ProCaval-Struktur is also ideal for use as a supplemental or single forage feed. It can be fed dry. For hurried eaters or horses which are jealous at feed time we recommend feeding marstall ProCaval-Struktur soaked (e.g. 1 litre of marstall ProCaval-Struktur with 1 litre of water). There
is no need for lengthy soaking.

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