The antioxidant supplier
  • 100 % natural – organic
  • lowers bloo d sugar
  • strengthens airwa ys & immune system
  • protects the stomach
3- 5 Werktage
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marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl is made from 100 % organic black cumin from Egypt, gently cold-pressed and bottled in Germany‘s Allgäu region. It lowers
blood sugar, strengthens airways and the immune system and protects the stomach.

Several studies show that black seed oil lowers blood sugar levels by having a significant effect on blood glucose concentrations. It therefore has an antidiabetic effect.

Thanks to its four antioxidants, black cumin oil has a positive effect on the immune system and the respiratory system.

marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl further promotes the formation of mucus in the stomach, which protects the stomach walls. At the same time it increases the concentration of radical scavengers, in technical terms glutathione concentration, in the stomach. This stimulates the immune system and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Black cumin from Egypt has been tried and tested for generations. Marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl can be used internally. However, it is also excellent for the care of the skin and coat of horses.

Single feed for horses

Composition of marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl

Black cumin from Egypt, cold-pressed (100,00 %)

Analytical components and contents (per kg) of marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl

Crude protein

0,00 %

Crude fat

100,00 %

Crude fibre

0,00 %

Crude ash

0,00 %

Energy (ME)

38,40 MJ

Feeding advice for marstall Schwarzkümmel-Öl in combination with other concentrated feed

Small horse/pony

approx. 10 ml to 20 ml/day

Warm blooded horse

approx. 20 ml to 30 ml/day

The quantity can be doubled for increased requirements.

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