Senior Plus

Senior Plus

Feel-good muesli for older horses
  • for vitality and resilience
  • to maintain condition
  • balanced vitamin and mineral content
  • suitable for soaking
3-5 Werktage
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marstall Senior Plus is the great-tasting, high-energy and easily digestible muesli that meets the needs of older and convalescent horses. It tempts the appetite of picky veterans and helps rehab patients to get back on their feet. It also boosts the metabolism and can help to prevent age-related loss of condition when fed regularly.

This “Anti-Aging Muesli” provides greater vitality, resilience and quality of life for horses of advancing age.

marstall Senior Plus is a high quality premium muesli: Its hydrothermally macerated cereal flakes provide energy in easily digestible form to ensure that older horses with the slower digestion and lower metabolism that can come with age don’t lose condition. Highprotein ingredients such as brewer‘s yeast, linseed meal and pea flakes help with moulting, which can often be problematic in older horses, and support muscle development in convalescent horses. As they age (for warmbloods from about 20 years of age), horses need 20 - 25% more energy and protein than younger horses. Linseed, carrot flakes and apple pulp provide the great taste and supply valuable omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and dietary fibre for a healthy gut. Seaweed extract provides the additional vitamins (A, E, B complex and C) that older horses require. marstall Senior Plus also contains higher levels of trace elements (copper, zinc, iodine, selenium).

marstall Senior Plus is also ideal for building up the body composition in horses of any age. With marstall Mash, marstall ProCaval-Struktur and marstall Wiesen-Cobs, marstall offers a complete nutrition programme providing feed concentrates and forage for horses with dental problems.

Feed supplement for horses

Composition of marstall Senior Plus

Barley flakes (34.00 %), corn flakes (27.00 %), oat flakes (10.00 %), dried grape pomace (6.00 %), linseed (5.00 %), beet molasses (4.50 %), extracted linseed shred (3.00 %), brewer‘s yeast (3.00 %), pea flakes (1.50 %), brewers’ grains (1.20 %), carrot flakes (1.00 %), grass, dried at high temperature (1.00 %), sodium chloride (0.60 %), seaweed meal (0.50 %), calcium carbonate (0.50 %), monocalcium phosphate (0.30 %), magnesium oxide (0.25 %)

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

Nutritional analysis and energy per kg of marstall Senior Plus

Crude protein

12.20 %

pcd* crude protein

74.00 g

Crude fat

4.50 %

Crude fibre

6.30 %

Crude ash

5.70 %

Energy (DE)

12.00 MJ

Energy (ME)

10.80 MJ


0.60 %


0.40 %


0.35 %


0.35 %

Amino acids


0.30 %

SAS (Methionine + Cysteine)*

0.25 %

*pcd = precaecal digestibility = can be digested in the small intestine = available to the horse

Nutritional additives per kg of marstall Senior Plus

Fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin A

20,000.00 I.E.

Vitamin D3

1,400.00 I.E.

Vitamin E

550.00 mg

Vitamin K3

7.50 mg


Water-soluble vitamins

Vitamin C

85.00 mg

Vitamin B1

33.00 mg

Vitamin B2

10.00 mg

Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

28.00 mg

Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin

100.00 mcg


950.00 mcg

Folic acid

12.50 mg

Choline chloride

320.00 mg


38.00 mg


38.00 mg


Trace elements

Iron as monohydrate iron (II) sulphate

200.00 mg

Copper as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate

58.00 mg

Zinc as zinc oxide

340.00 mg

Manganese as manganese (II) oxide

165.00 mg

Iodine as anhydrous calcium iodate

1.10 mg

Selenium as sodium selenite

1.10 mg

Feeding recommendations for marstall Senior Plus as a single concentrated feed

Small horse/pony

approx. 300 g per 100 kg body weight/day


approx. 400 g per 100 kg body weight/day


approx. 550 g per 100 kg body weight/day

Example feed per day for a 550 kg horse as a single concentrated feed in addition to hay

No/light work: approx. 2.0 to 3.0 kg

1 litre of marstall Senior Plus = approx. 480 grams

Feeding advice

All specified feed quantities are to be given throughout the day in several small feeds. Our recommendations assume a roughage intake (hay) of 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

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Product recommendations

marstall Senior Plus can also be fed soaked with warm (not hot) water. Soaked marstall Wiesen-Cobs and marstall ProCaval-Struktur are the ideal forage feed for horses with dental problems. The feed may be bulked out with small amounts of marstall Mash, which will also aid digestion.

Our tip: For age-related metabolic problems such as Cushing‘s disease, marstall Senior Plus can be replaced by cereal-free marstall Vito, while
cereal-free marstall Bergwiesen-Mash is a good alternative to marstall Mash.

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