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Healthy, species-appropriate and natural feeding of horses - this is what marstall has stood for over 40 years. Whether young or old, small or large, used in sports or leisure - we offer suitable feed for every type of horse and every performance level. But who is behind the marstall brand? What drives us? What does our production look like? Who is your suitable contact person? You will find all this out on these pages.

marstall Team

Our Team

Knowledge, experience and a lot of passion - that is what distinguishes our team.

marstall Ansprechpartner vor Ort


We are there for you - we look forward to helping you

marstall Familie

The marstall-Familly

Who we are, what we stand for, what drives us - you can read about it here.

marstall Service


Feed adivce and informational material – Service is very important to us.

marstall Hinter den Kulissen

Behind the Scenes

Cereal flakes, pellets, muesli - this is how our marstall feed is produced.

marstall Stellenangbote

Job offers

Looking for a job or internship?  (German knowledge important)

Questions? Questions?
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