New: Nature-Line

New: Nature-Line

You are looking for...

- an energy and/or protein supplement without slipping into an over-supply of minerals and vitamins?
- a muesli with or without cereals to add medicines?
- a muesli with 100 % native nutrients without additives to combine with mineral feed, herbs, berries etc. of your choice? of your choice?

Our feed experts have designed and produced the three varieties of the new marstall Natur line for exactly these different uses.

The 5 most important features of the new marstall Natur muesli

✔ Without artificial minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
✔ Exclusively native nutrients.
✔ Can be combined as desired with mineral feed, mineralised muesli and supplements from the vet.
✔ Add energy, chew-promoting structure, anti-inflammatory polyphenols and/or natural protein to the ration.
✔ Without molasses and alfalfa.

Questions? Questions?
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