Safe first aid
  • for the first 5-6 days
  • colostrum & follow-on milk powder
  • plus feeding aids & feeding plan

*We point out that veterinary first aid is absolutely necessary for the foal.

3-5 Werktage
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marstall Fohlen-NOT-Paket is a first feed for foals in their first 5 to 6 days in addition to any veterinary measures that may be required. The pack contains essential colostrum and marstall Fohlen-Milchpulver, together with feeding equipment.

Our marstall Fohlen-NOT-Paket should be used under veterinary advice to replace and complement the mare’s colostrum.

When they are born, foals are unable to create antibodies to fight the pathogens in their environment. This “immunity gap” is usually covered by the mare’s colostrum, which the foal should have within the first few hours of its life. If the foal is unable to take any or enough colostrum, it is necessary to act immediately. This is where the marstall Fohlen-NOT-Paket comes in. It contains a high quality colostrum replacement in dry powder form, together with marstall Fohlen-Milchpulver as a follow-on drink for the first few days. A measuring scoop, feeding bottle, two bottle teats and a feeding plan are also included.


Order marstall Fohlen-Milchpulver immediately! A marstall Fohlen-NOT-Paket is only sufficient for the first 5 to 6 days. marstall Fohlen-Milchpulver is available in a 20 kg bag on advance order at your marstall dealer.

Supplementary feed for suckling foals

Composition of marstall Fohlen-NOT-Paket

2 x 200 g colostrum, 1 x measuring scoop, 1 x 3 kg Fohlen-Milchpulver, 1 x feeding plan, 1 x 1 litre milk feeding bottle, 1 x soft replacement teat

EADCM conform acc. FEI.

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